TheCloudBill's Employee Management System

manage your employees like a pro!

What's included?

Attendance System

Incorporates attendance for weekly, hourly, monthly, and fixed salary employees with break time entries.

Salary Summary

Calculated based on employee's attendance and salary type in terms of hourly/weekly/monthly wages.

View & Download Reports

Generate weekly and monthly attendance and salary reports for each employee.

What else does TheCloudBill offer?

GST Ready Billing and Invoicing

Inventory & Stock Management

Bank & Cash Payments Management

Online Store Setup to receive
orders online

Intuitive Business Reports for Sales, Items, PNL, and much more

Your People Make Your Business Thrive!

Digitalize your employee management process today to reduce costs, save time, and thereby minimize the complexity of overseeing a huge organization. Let TheCloudBill take up your burden, for free!

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